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Marchon Consultants’ Benefits & Resources

Please find below the link and generic login information for our benefits portal. Anyone interested in looking at our benefits package can logon to the portal:
username: hadmin7147
password: Boston2013

Clicking on the Benefits button will provide a list of the benefits we offer (Medical, Dental, Vision, Long Term Disability, and 401k). Clicking on these individual links will show plan options, under which you can see:

  • What’s covered (“Benefits Summary”)
  • Eligibility requirements (“Eligibility”)
  • Costs (“Contributions)
  • Other questions (“FAQs”)

By looking through the other pages of the portal, you will also find links to enrollment forms, compare plans, and any other information you may need about our benefits. If you have further questions, please contact us at +1 (617) 720-4444.