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Resume Advice

An effective resume can improve your chances of getting the job you want through opening the door to the first interview. Marchon Partners works with candidates to ensure their resume effectively communicates their skills and employment experience to position them as an ideal candidate for the job. Below are some helpful tips to consider when preparing your resume.

  • Resumes are read quickly, so be clear and concise, using bulleted sentences to ensure your key points stand out.
  • Highlight your strengths by putting your strongest skills and most relevant accomplishments in the top of your resume to hook the reader in.
  • Tailor your resume to the position and company by ensuring that the skills and accomplishments featured in your resume are relevant to the position and industry.
  • Support your achievements and results with specific examples. When possible, present your accomplishments using quantifiable terms to demonstrate how your skills and accomplishments benefited the company and their bottom line.
  • Always triple-check your resume for typos or errors and ask a friend who is objective to proofread your resume.