Leaving a job correctly: A stepping stone to build your career


Leaving a job comes with growing your career. Yet, grace, class and professionalism transforms a potentially awkward, difficult monologue into a productive conversation.

I have always left jobs on a good note. My simple approach: speak with your manager face to face. Impersonal emails cement less than great memories of you at the end of your tenure. Thank them for everything they have done for you. Managers shape your career too and they appreciate hearing you describe their impact. Let them know that you enjoyed your time working there and describe how your next opportunity furthers your profession career. After giving notice, communicate and thank co-workers. Offer your personal email address and express your desire to stay in touch.

Beyond that polite procedure, keeps these points in mind:

First, never speak ill of a colleague or former employer. Other companies dislike that and word travels fast. Your professional world is small so work to talk exclusively about the things you liked about your former employers. Like my mother always said, ?if you don?t have something nice to say, don?t say anything at all.?

Second, stay in touch with former co-workers emailing them every couple of months. Over the years, I have gotten numerous job offers, referrals, references, professional advice and industry knowledge from former co-workers. Cultivating and maintaining lasting relationships with co-workers pays off.

Last, if you are leaving a job in less than ideal circumstances, you still need to be professional.? This can be a tough situation if you dislike your manager.? A lot of the time you want to tell your manager what you think and why you want to leave.? That is ok to do as long as you do it respectfully and professionally.? Sit down with your manager and communicate your feedback and why you are leaving.? Most people will respect your opinion as long as you do it respectfully.

If you find yourself thinking about leaving your current role, give us a shout here and we may have a great role waiting for you.


Nick Hajjar is a technical recruiter at Marchon Partners.