Mission Impossible?

Final LogoWe recently affirmed our company?s mission statement at an all hands meeting. Our employees valued this short expression of who we are as a company and went so far as to clamor for it to hang in a visible place at work. Why does t he mission matter?

Missions help us press on at work tying together the best and worst parts of our jobs into a beautiful tapestry. In many galleries, woven tapestries tell great stories of the past. In Bayeux, France, the town?s world renowned cloth measures more than 230 feet and depicts the great Battle of Hastings. In this grand work of art, we see victory and defeat, life and death. Similarly, in a week at the office, we see the mega deal close while someone else seems frustrated with a failed effort. Missions help propel progress forward and renew those struggling. No matter the sentiment at work, missions fuel the work that forms tomorrow?s great story.

Although you share my grand hope for mission statements, we know some might seem clich?, distantly conceived in the board room or irrelevant. We hope ours beats across the heart of the company:

?Our value driven approach to staffing transforms how?businesses and employees succeed together. We believe hard work in a balanced professional?environment affords?everyone the opportunity to thrive.?

Let me explain each element:

Value drives our company in two ways: first, we want to improve the bottom line for our clients and members of our team. On the client side, we pride ourselves on our ability to save you money through our efficient staffing solutions. Relative to our competitors, we provide more value through our unique process. For our employees, we want to enhance their career and help them realize their professional goals, which, by the way, may lie beyond Marchon Partners. We help our consultants find strong roles with the clients they work with on site and beyond. We help people excel and develop long term relationships.

Second, values, that is our commitment to ethical practices, informs every decision we make. Two examples of abuse in our industry we avoid: in our employee relations, we treat our internal and external employees the same. Our benefits do not change around where you report to work. Another example flows from our consultative approach. Many staffing firms focus on solutions that immediately generate revenue. At Marchon Partners, we learn about your needs and culture to propose tailored solutions for you, no one else. We neither recruit nor manager any two accounts the same because each client brings very different needs.

In every business venture, we believe that we can and should succeed together. When our consultant lands a great role at a new firm, we gain an opportunity to continue our relationship in a new setting. When a client saves energy and resources finding great people for their new wave of growth, we work together to ensure the next round of hiring builds on their culture and business needs. Business hinges on a great inter-dependability that we facilitate through our relationships.

We cultivate relationships and results through hard work. Nothing we discussed above matters without hard work. That said, Marchon Partners recognizes that balance lends to the best professional results. Finally, returning to the theme of inter-dependability, our professional environment must provide everyone the opportunity to thrive. Often people measure themselves with the word ?success.? We challenge everyone to advance that mark. We hope our employees and client succeed by achieving their goals, sure; but we work tirelessly to help them think beyond what they dreamed for their talent resources. They can then innovate new, creative solutions to address any challenge.