Shooting Your Team into the Sky: Learning from Commencement Speakers


Each May, we arrive at another exciting graduation season with a few chronic drawbacks! Remember the long ceremony chuck full of tiered ?state of the school? addresses from every professor and head of school imaginable? Do you applaud those honorable degree recipients whose most important contribution came in the form of a big check to the school? Those things make us uneasy rightfully.

Yet, you may think back to a guest commencement speaker. Some offer typical the ?how to succeed in life, family, work and everything you could imagine? spiel while others capture your attention spurring a personal renewal. As a manager, do you wonder how to inspire your team in similar fashion? I intend this blog for you!

While you cannot reasonably galvanize your team in a 25-minute speech on the office floor, you must create circumstances that inspire greatness. Here are three ideas that you can implement:

First, invite your team into an environment built on creativity. Your team codes new solutions for a client, drafts organizational policy, seeks out the best candidates for roles and fights through life?s daily demands. Do you enable them to test their creative minds? Here, at Marchon Partners, this blog challenges our internal staff to think about our professional lives critically. Find a creative outlet and watch your employees thrive.

Second, maintain a close-knit team fueled by healthy, human relationships. Workers, employees and teammates are people above all else. Allow them to bring their emotional, passionate, reserved, or competitive natures into the office! We encourage employees to compete in fitness challenges as on the deal board. After work, we make good use of our office location in downtown Boston and venture out together. We exchange ideas and learn about each other?s lives. These relationships compel us to succeed for one another and the good of our company.

Third, as a manager, garner sentiment around the office and address concerns directly. Resentment and other difficult feelings carry poison into the office. Your leadership can vaccinate, relieve the pain and strengthen your team. Great, attentive leadership edifies people. Become a reliable anchor that leads with attentiveness. Our managing partners, Eric and Dan, and senior staff walk around our offices all the time and always leave their office doors open. While this isn?t a dissertation on professional psychology, tactics like this encourage everyone in the office to communicate and progress together.

As someone who graduated this spring from Boston University, congratulations to all newly-created alumni, best of luck to you managers in the summer months and check out two of this year?s best commencement addresses: Meredith Vieira at Boston University and Lord Christopher Patton at Notre Dame.


Timothy McGuirk?serves as the Director of Marketing Communication at Marchon Partners. He studied public relations at Boston University’s College of Communication. Follow him on Twitter?@mcguirkt?and Intragram @timothymcguirk.