Don't let the opportunity to bring on new talent before the year ends pass.

Thinking about recruitment as you head into Q4

If you're thinking about ramping up your hiring efforts in the fourth quarter, you're not alone. Many companies are going to search for new workers this season.

None of the 43 countries queried by the Q4 2017 ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey reported negative employment outlooks, the first time this has happened since the second quarter of 2008. In the U.S., nearly 1 in 5 U.S. employers plan to hire in the fourth quarter. 

The fourth quarter is a favorable time for hiring because many companies are incentivized to spend any money left over in their annual budgets. In addition, the pace of business in general slows in December, which opens up more time for onboarding and training. 

Don't let the opportunity to bring on new talent before the year ends  pass. Here are five tips for recruiting in the fourth quarter:

1. Assess skills gaps 
Review whether your current workforce lacks certain skill sets that would help your company grow and reach its future goals. Evaluate technology skills in particular, as your company likely recently began using content management systems, social media networks, analytics tools or other platforms that not every current employee may be adept at. Depending on needs, it could be a smart idea to hire specialists with these in-demand skills to strengthen your workforce. 

"Review whether your current workforce lacks certain skill sets that would help your company grow."

2. Spread the word 
Because businesses often race to tie up loose ends in the fourth quarter, some job-seekers mistakenly believe companies aren't looking for new talent during this time. Amp up your marketing efforts in spreading the word about any vacancies, and use a multichannel approach to reach candidates.

3. Partner with a recruitment firm 
If your company has hiring needs but is strapped for time to develop a comprehensive hiring strategy before the year ends, consider partnering with a recruitment firm. It can take the lead to streamline the process. 

4. Schedule training 
Don't make the mistake of hiring employees in the fourth quarter but then leaving planning about onboarding and training until the new year starts. In January, business will be buzzing, so start training processes in November or December. The weeks before the holidays can see slower activity in the office, making them good times for training. 

5. Look ahead 
Recruitment strategy requires year-round re-evaluation and adjustment. The fourth quarter presents an opportunity to reflect on hiring successes of past months and anticipate future needs. 

The fourth quarter can be a dynamic time for businesses, setting them up for future success. Don't miss your chance to bring on top talent before the year ends.