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How to work smart and avoid burning out

Isvari Mohan crafts a scheduled work day including an open door period, breaks to refocus and intentional project based time. I most admired her dedication to one task at a time and setting blocks aside for meditation and reflection. I try to do this late in the afternoon and it makes a difference for me as the late day slump sets in.

After work, I want to begin to avoid screens 30 minutes before bed, work out after work and establish a more consistent bed time.


Multitasking millennials are costing us billions

Millennial work habits lose $450 billion annually, according to new research from Bryan College. Wow. What can we do to stop this? The author proposes that we cut the work week down to 32 hours. I don?t agree with that but I do think we can better prioritize in the office. I try my best to address things as they come. When I let them linger, they don?t get done in a timely manner. What is your experience with a multi-tasking procrastinator?


Ex-employees say Wahlburgers violated labor laws

The Wahlberg Family finds themselves in the news this week over a labor dispute at their burger restaurant. We don?t know the facts of this case or what really happened; however, as professionals, we can learn from this story. First, employees and employers must understand the expectations around a job. In the story, a tip jar comes into play because employees did not receive money they thought belonged to them. At McDonald?s you cannot tip at most restaurants; instead, you can donate money to the Ronald McDonald House for Kids. Employees know this and do not worry about any tip jar at work. Clear expectations improve the experience. Second, labor law complicates everybody. If you don?t know, ask a staffing professional. We work with employers, consultants and full time employees all day long. Leverage our experience as you navigate your career.


Retailers cry ‘foul’ as Amazon skirts Sunday overtime to Massachusetts workers

More rules and regulations to think about with this one. Amazon continues to claim exemption from the blue laws in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Why? They want to avoid paying overtime rates. Similar to the last article?s morale, if you don?t know, ask.


Does Mass. have the best economy of any state?

Good news for us in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Research suggests that we share in the most prosperous economy in the United States. We know from the last year of news that world-class firms like GE want to come here. The best students want to study here. You should want to be here! We live in a very exciting times for our city and our commonwealth.


What stories did you see in the last week?