Who you got tonight?! Athletic Qualities to Anchor Your Team


We?re sharing this post in honor of tonight?s big game between Wisconsin and Duke. Who do you have taking the title home?

Certain times of year always heighten my love of sports. Why? As colleagues in the office, we root for champions emerging across sports.? We know the extreme office models today: radically new startups with beer taps, game rooms and ginormous televisions or established organizations stuffing workers into sterile environments. Most fall between these extremes.

Does your office live and breathe allowing your employees to fuel your business? Do employees feel comfortable and compelled to work? You, as a business leader, must incorporate sports in the office without compromising productivity. Different firms do things differently. You must achieve balance knowing no universal rule for sports at work exists.

Your space must become a hub for productivity, creativity and teamwork.? Consider a Challenger, Gray & Christmas statistic that college basketball?s 2012 March Madness cost employers an estimated $175 million during the first two days of the NCAA tournament. Don?t contribute to this growing number! Keep your head up for these three athletic qualities that add business value.

First, people yearning for healthy competition, a common human characteristic. Athletes study and evolve in relation to their competition. Your employees must bring the same docility into the office. A willingness to learn and adapt relative to your competitors keeps you ahead.

Second, professionals like athletes, practice and train to develop. Athletes seek out the best trainers and coaches to improve. Similarly, as a business leader, do you enable your team to develop and grow as professionals? What educational benefits can they access? Enable employees with a desire to get better. Their improvement spurs growth and strengthens your team.

Third, teamwork despite differences makes a great team. Longstanding rivalries may exist in your office. Here at Marchon, the college hockey season pits our Boston College and Boston University alumni against each other. As an organization, our two offices in Boston and Philadelphia cross interests across sports, most notably hockey and football. In every culturally relevant workplace, the staff maintains different loyalties during the Super Bowl and March Madness. Yet we get work done because we love our organization. Professional athletes hail from cities and towns across the world; however, they fight for the team that signs their check. Dedication to your organization and a willingness to work with everyone marks great employees.

During this championship season, engage employees, channel their love of sports and succeed in your work!


Timothy McGuirk leads corporate communication at Marchon Partners. He studies public relations at Boston University’s College of Communication and will graduate in May 2015. Follow him on Twitter @mcguirkt and Intragram @timothymcguirk.