Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Contact us to discuss your RPO needs and learn more about how we can tailor our services specifically to your organization.

Some of our clients choose to transfer all or part of the recruitment effort to Marchon Partners. We act as the internal recruitment function assuming ownership of the design and management of the entire staffing process.

  • All open requirements or a portion of them.
  • Deploy a recruiter(s) to the client’s business premises on a fully outsourced, hybrid or project basis as follows:
    • Fully Outsourced Basis
    • Hybrid Basis
    • Project Basis

What RPO services do we offer?

  • Recruitment forecasting
  • Recruitment advertisement creation and placement
  • Application response
  • Candidate sourcing programs
  • Conducting & scheduling interviews
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Reference and background checking
  • Management reporting