Syndicated Agent Program

Marchon Partners has created a Syndicated Agent Program that provides oversight and management of our client?s contingent workforce and the supporting staffing vendor community. The Syndication Agent program mimics other MSP and VMS models but is customized to the needs of our specific client and will allow the client to achieve greater control of contingent labor spend and cost containment, mitigate risk and streamline the staffing process by implementing processes for increased efficiencies. Some of the benefits of the Syndicated Agent Model are as follows:

  • Improving recruiting efficiencies with one point of contact while using the recruiting strength of multiple firms operating in their niche specialties;
  • Improving candidate quality with standardized screening and assessment requirements for all candidates submitted;
  • Establishing vendor rules of engagement and internal communication of market bill rates across the organization which decrease staffing costs and eliminate renegade spending.
  • Single Source Billing – one invoice from one company reflecting the information required to build budgets and make strategic planning efforts related to staffing projections more accurate and timely
  • Soft cost reductions ? through productivity improvements, process efficiency, and freeing up resources currently devoted to contingent workforce management
  • Improved program productivity ? including better fulfillment rates and cycle times and simplified processes for you and your suppliers
  • Reduced risk ? by ensuring traceable and auditable transactions, full regulatory compliance, and control of co-employment risks
  • Guaranteed performance ? through program service level agreements and supplier performance monitoring, coaching and management
  • The single source Syndication Agent, in partnership with the client, can create and manage the vendor community Service Level Agreements (SLA?s). Standardizing the use of the contingent labor workforce ensures that all vendors are abiding by agreed-upon requirements.