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Getting Top Value with MSP Staffing

High-volume staffing, especially when it involves a contingent workforce, can be difficult. Hiring and managing contractors through multiple vendors requires specific knowledge and capabilities—many HR organizations don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to this effort.

Turn to Marchon Partners, an expert staffing Managed Service Provider (MSP), to build your full-service temporary hiring program. While competitor MSP staffing firms try to fit you into their structure, we create a customized program for your unique operational needs. The result? A plan that works for you and brings savings to your bottom line by controlling staffing costs, increasing operational efficiency and mitigating the risks of contract employment.

Negotiating the Rate Card

In programs with multiple vendors, managing cost comes down to implementing an effective Rate Card. At Marchon Partners, we leverage our deep industry knowledge to build and implement standard guidance on fair market rates. The goal? To control your costs while avoiding high program staff turnover. Our MSP staffing professionals will advocate for you to achieve the best possible pricing with a keen eye on markup and margin.

Volume rebates can be another financial benefit of MSP programs. We establish volume rebates in vendor contracts and manage the program vendor pool to encourage the highest yield. Just another way that Marchon Partners’ expertise can pay off for you.

Implementing a Vendor Management System and Supporting Processes

We build a staffing vendor management program to your specifications and standardize contracts, processes and metrics to align with your business. Our customized Vendor Management System (VMS) gives you visibility to the data you need, and the VMS is flexible enough to integrate with your internal systems. Our MSP program professional will be your single point of contact and manage communication and interface with vendors. All of this reduces the time and money your management team spends contracting, reporting and communicating so that they can focus on growing your business.

Mitigating risk with MSP staffing

A managed service program structure for your contract employees can help protect your business from compliance issues and potential litigation. Our MSP program managers are human resources professionals experienced in statutory and employment law at the federal and local levels. Some examples of how we mitigate your risk:

  • Implementing appropriate contracts across all vendors and confirming procedures for Employer of Record services
  • Verifying compliance with all security, NDA and privacy requirements for each employee
  • Building compliant employee processes and managing any employee relations issues fairly and legally
  • Continually auditing the program to ensure execution according to standards

Let us show you how vendor management programs with Marchon Partners can benefit your business.

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