Stay Compliant While You Grow

Businesses of all sizes are seeking expert payroll companies to administer the complexities of their employee payroll. With the everchanging market, hiring a range of employee classifications all across the country is normal…and necessary. But the variation in requirements by classification and location make payroll management overwhelming.

Hire the payroll services experts at Marchon Partners so that you can grow when and where you want without the headache of payroll compliance. Our team takes care of the rules while you take care of your business. We completely customize payroll solutions to your unique needs. Here are just some of our payroll services options:

  • Issuing paper checks or electronic deposits for pay periods
  • Directly carrying payroll as the employer of record
  • Administering PTO, health insurance and other benefits
  • Managing withholding and contributions
  • Producing and sending W-2’s
  • Submitting tax documentation

Our payroll services professionals provide comprehensive management reporting back to your key HR and finance functions. We ensure that our service integrates seamlessly with your business operations to maintain efficiency and productivity for your team.

Expand Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

Acquiring your talent and growing your business go hand-in-hand. But the law has strict requirements for employing—and paying—a workforce in different states. Partnering with us to be the employer of record allows you to:

  • Build a team where the market demands
  • Seamlessly manage remote employment
  • Hire the right contractor regardless of location

With Marchon Partners payroll services, administrative concerns won’t get in the way of hiring the right employees for your team.

Save Time and Money with our Payroll Solutions

The modern workforce is made up of different employee types: contract, part-time hourly, salaried, and more. Some may be remote; others may have work Visas. With each unique situation comes a set of federal, state and local regulations that govern how to manage and compensate the employee.

Can your HR department keep up with the rules and the paperwork? If they don’t, steep fines and costly litigation may result. Our payroll services can help you avoid the risk and the red tape. We not only ensure that workers are properly classified and correctly paid, but we can also provide other tailored services that help mitigate your risk, such as contractor oversight or onboarding management.

Contact Us What can we help you achieve?

Contact our team at Marchon Partners today, and we’ll build a customized payroll solution for you.

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